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2019 Favorite Family Finds

With the New Year around the corner, I thought I would share my favorite products our family found this year. We have become more mindful about what we bring into our home. We currently rent a small 2000 sq ft two story home that is bursting at the seams. 400 sq ft of it is… Continue reading 2019 Favorite Family Finds

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Fourth of July Sampler

Happy July! During the American Girl Sewing Camp, each girl made a Fourth of July Sampler. They all seemed to love this project and I was very impressed by their natural ability at hand sewing! Here's what we did: First cut a square piece of fabric that will fit your embroidery hoop. I used linen… Continue reading Fourth of July Sampler

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Etsy and Paypal fee calculator and shipping links

If you sell through Etsy and ship through Paypal like I do... here's some quick links I use often. If the buyer did not pay through Paypal you can still use Paypal to ship! Use the ship now link below! I bought a food scale to use at home and it comes very handy. No… Continue reading Etsy and Paypal fee calculator and shipping links

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Nature Study and Art 2018-2019

At 3:00 pm we do Nature Study, Art, and Science We plan to do our science lessons twice a week with nature study and art lessons sprinkled throughout. See our science books here.      Nature Study: at least once a week the kids bring their little journals outside and scribble down the beauty and… Continue reading Nature Study and Art 2018-2019

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Girl’s lace-trimmed dress with ruffle sleeves, pleated pockets, and button back

One of my favorite sweaters I picked up recently is a button back sweater from LOFT. The style seems to be trending. I quickly decided I wanted a button back dress for my daughter. The best thing about sewing for a three year old, is you dont need many supplies. I picked up 1.5 yds… Continue reading Girl’s lace-trimmed dress with ruffle sleeves, pleated pockets, and button back

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A new year, new baby, new shop!

Dusting off this little blog of mine that's been sitting idle since September 2013! A whole year has passed and a lot has happened. Last September we found out we were expecting our third bundle of joy! Little did I know it would be the hardest pregnancy and delivery ever...he ended up 10 pounds! It… Continue reading A new year, new baby, new shop!