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Girl’s lace-trimmed dress with ruffle sleeves, pleated pockets, and button back

One of my favorite sweaters I picked up recently is a button back sweater from LOFT. The style seems to be trending. I quickly decided I wanted a button back dress for my daughter.

The best thing about sewing for a three year old, is you dont need many supplies.

I picked up 1.5 yds of fabric, 2 yds of trim, some buttons, and thread.


I spent about an hour one evening drafting out a pattern. Another great thing about sewing for a three year old is their narrow bodies. Sew a bunch of squares and rectangles together and you’ve got a dress. No bust or hips to fit. I measured her waistline, figured out how wide I wanted the center opening and straps, tapered the bodice under the arms and doubled the waistline measurement for the skirt so it could be gathered. I needed less than 1/2 a yard of fabric for the bodice and 1 yd of fabric for the skirt.


I love neutral colors so I went with an ombre of white, cream and brown shades to create this dress.


I had a little help along the way.


First you sew the bodice front and back while attaching the ruffle trim to the straps. Then gather the skirt to the bodice. Hem skirt and attach trim. After an hour of sewing one evening, I had the bulk of it finished.


I tested it out on my mini model in the morning before attaching the buttons. This dress is very versatile. She can wear the straps crossed now and as she grows we will uncross them to create more length. I made it a touch long so it would not be too short next summer when we adjust the straps.

I love the fit! And so did she. 🙂 After buttons and sweet little patch pockets, it was done!



She loves her new dress and calls herself a cowgirl princess. I see boot shopping in our future! 😉

She also loves the pockets.



I love the buttons!



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