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Time for school, Time to sew

Apple Song:

The apples are seasoned and ripe and sound,

Gently they fall on the yellow ground.

The apples are stored in the dusky bin,

Where hardly a glimmer of light creeps in.

In the firelit, winter nights, they’ll be,

The clear sweet taste of a summer tree!

~ Frances Frost


As school begins and fall draws near, I decided to sew my daughter a candy apple red dress to celebrate.  I have wanted to sew her a “back to school” dress for a couple years now but I was always too busy or sleepy to do it. She is growing up faster than I wish and I wanted to make her something special while she is still little. Her baby brother sleeps and plays more independently these days so I took the chance and made her one last weekend. Gone are the days of sewing a dress in one sitting so I broke this up over a few days. I love the way it turned out and it is definitely a new favorite. I have decided to make more for fall and added them to my etsy shop!

I hope to find an apple orchard in Tennessee this fall so the kids can experience their first apple picking adventure. In the meantime, we are patiently waiting for our favorite golden crisp apple prices to fall and apple pie weather to arrive. We make a pie recipe similar to this one.

Classic children’s books and illustrations always inspire my sewing and schooling ideas. While researching poetry for homeschooling, I found this sweet apple unit study. I love some of the ideas she lists and I think we will use a few this fall!

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