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Printing your Peaceful Press Curriculum

Summer is in full swing which means it’s that time of the year again! Do you spend time over the summer planning and ordering your homeschool curriculum? I secretly LOVE it.

Image Credit: Peaceful Press

Have you tried any curriculum published by The Peaceful Press? We literally own everything they have ever made! We use it as our spine curriculum. It has been the best addition to our homeschool days! Last year we used their Playful Pioneers study that uses the Little House books. You can see some highlights from it here. I ordered their new Kind Kingdom last month (along with The Precious People since we are still undecided on our time period for history). Both look AMAZING! I am sending them to the printers as we speak. We use the Homeschool Printing Company for all our homeschool printing needs. Plan ahead because it takes about 6+ weeks to receive your order but it is so easy to use and affordable! You will need to spend a time typing out your order. You get to choose what paper to use, color vs black and white, double sided, spiral bound…. so many options! But, if you run out of time, you can click save and they will email you a link to come back and complete your order in the next 7 days! Really handy for the always distracted homeschooling mother. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Image Credit: Peaceful Press

I thought since I’m sitting here ordering a few things, I would create a reference guide to help when printing Peaceful Press Curriculum… because there’s a lot of components to order! Of course you don’t HAVE to print it this way. This is what I have found works for us. I put a * by the file names that you need to print multiple copies for multiple children. I usually hole punch the kid’s consumables and put them in a binder. That way my children can remove the page if the binding is bothering them when writing or coloring. I print the illustrated/simple copy work for my youngest child (age 5) and the student sheets/cursive for my older kids (age 7 and 9). Even though it’s not necessary to print their booklists, I like to print them off and hole punch to keep them in one master homeschool booklist binder with my planner so I have it handy at the library. I end up with 2-4 spiral bound items for the parent and one binder for each child. You could just have everything hole punched and placed into one parent binder to save costs (spiral binding is more). But I personally like to have the recipes and art separate for display purposes on an easel. I went ahead and added the cost to the chart so you can budget when you order the download! You can download and print each curriculum for under $100! ๐Ÿ™‚

The Precious People ($59 to download/$38 to print)

File NamePage CountPaper WeightSingle/Double SidedColor/BWPunched/BoundEdge?Cost per copy
Art1828 lbDoubleColorSpiral BoundShort$1.53
Recipes 3228 lbDoubleColorSpiral BoundLong$5.72
Readings8222 lbDoubleBWSpiral BoundLong$6.28
Parent Guide20422 lbDoubleBWSpiral BoundLong$9.12
Book List622 lbDoubleBWHole PunchedLong$0.21
*Simple Copy Work3122 lbSingleBWHole PunchedLong$1.24
*Student Sheets13022 lbDoubleBWHole PunchedLong$4.55
*Cursive13022 lbDoubleBWHole PunchedLong$4.55
Bible Verses14cardstockSingleBWn/an/a$1.40
Saints Cards16cardstockSingleColorn/an/a$2.40
Timeline Cards13cardstockSingleBWn/an/a$1.30

The Kind Kingdom ($49 to download/$34+ to print)

File NamePage CountPaper WeightSingle/Double SidedColor/BWPunched/BoundEdge?Cost per copy
Art3028 lbDoubleColorSpiral BoundShort$5.55
Parent Guide23122 lbDoubleBWSpiral BoundLong$9.93
Recipes3328 lbDoubleColorSpiral BoundLong$5.81
Timeline Cards16CardstockSingleBWn/an/a$1.60
Book List1322 lbDoubleBWHole PunchedLong$0.65
*Copy Work13222 lbDoubleBWHole PunchedLong$4.62
*Student Sheets13222 lbDoubleBWHole PunchedLong$4.62
*Simple Copy Work3120 lbSingleBWHole PunchedLong$1.24

The Playful Pioneers ($59 to download/$25+ to print)

File NamePage CountPaper WeightSingle/Double SidedColor/BWPunched/BoundEdge?Cost per copy
Parent Guide24622 lbDoubleBWSpiralLong$10.38
Recipes3428 lbDoubleColorSpiralLong$5.89
Book List722 lbDoubleBWHole PunchedLong$0.25
*Copy Work3222 lbDoubleBWHole PunchedLong$1.12
*Illus. Copy Work6422lbSingleBWHole PunchedLong2.56
*Student Sheets19922 lbDoubleBWHole PunchedLong$6.97
Bible Verse Cards7Card StockSingleBWn/an/a$0.70
N. American Cards12Card StockSingleColorn/an/a$1.80
Timeline Cards18Card StockSingleBWn/an/a$1.80

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