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Language Arts and Math 2018-2019 (Grades: 1st and 3rd)

From 10am-12pm we do Individual Studies: Language Arts and Math. 
(20ish minutes with each child per subject)

1st grade

     My daughter just turned 7 this month. She will be trying out some new things this
year. Last year she struggled through TGATB level K language arts. She probably needed
to do primer instead since it is an advanced curriculum. We are realizing her reading
struggles maybe due to dyslexia or vision issues.
   Language Arts: I decided to use Logic Of English, an Orton Gillingham program, this
year. She knows her letter sounds and basic math facts but struggles putting all the
pieces together. So far she is loving the short, simple lessons. She really needed some
“easy wins” to help build her confidence back up. Especially after last year.  Each level of
Logic Of English Foundations has about 40 lessons. We should get through levels A and B
this year. I have levels C and D too just in case we speed through these. We start out our
language arts hour “family style”. There is really great speech practice at the beginning
of each lesson… which both her brothers need.  We are also going to look into Nessy.
     Math: I can’t say enough good things about The Good and the Beautiful Math. It has
been the perfect fit for her and her younger brother. He loves using all the manipulatives
that come with it and even does some of the activities as well. It comes with two heavy
books and covers a lot. I feel like it’s a good mix of both K and 1st grade.

3rd grade

     My 8 year old has Aspergers (high functioning ASD). While we have many challenges throughout our day, schooling isn’t one of them. Praise baby Jesus! He’s actually my easy kid to teach. He memorizes anything and everything. We used to use those foam alphabet letters in the bath when he was a baby. Even though he didn’t talk for a longtime, he would point at the letters and show us he knew them all at the age of one. He would ask us to read the Dr. Suess ABC book over and over again until he had it memorized. He began reading around age 3/4. And still loves to read today. His biggest challenge now in school is writing and social skills. He attends OT, ST, and PT once a week (occupational, speech, and physical). They help with his fine motor skills, toe walking, speech issues, and sensory stuff.


     Language Arts: We will be using The Good and the Beautiful again this year. He really enjoys it. He is my advanced reader and reads at about a 5th grade level. But he reads slow out loud (due to his speech delay) and still needs the grammar instruction. So we are sticking with the grade appropriate level 2 for now. I may add the level 3 reader later on in the year. He is my science guy so he has a lot of science books he devours during the day as well. We are also trying Typing this year since he’s a wiz on the keyboard!
     Math: We are trying out RightStart this year. We used Math Lessons for a Living Education last year which was good. But didn’t seem like enough for him. He loves math and using his hands so I feel like this will be a better fit for him. If you’re planning to use rightstart math go ahead and start gathering all the baskets, bins, and jars you can find. I was not prepared for how many manipulatives came with it. It’s my favorite and least favorite part. It’s fun to use, hard to store. Soooooo….meet our Right Start Cart! It also houses some handwriting without tears things too!  If I didn’t feel like a teacher before, I do pushing this thing around.

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