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Considering Homeschooling? Resources to Get Started

So many are considering homeschooling this year due to Covid. All of my homeschool groups on social media are exploding with new members. If that's you.... welcome!!! It takes a lot of courage to consider this lifestyle for your family. We were accidental homeschoolers too. It wasn't in our original plan but it was in… Continue reading Considering Homeschooling? Resources to Get Started

Autism/Dyslexia/SPD · Homeschool · My Bookshelf

Reading Resources + Handwriting Help

I've been asked recently what our favorite resources are for strengthening little hands and helping kids to read or write. Our children with autism and dyslexia have enjoyed these tools and we've seen great improvement! If your child struggles with reading, handwriting, story telling, or fine motor skills.... give some of these a try. Some… Continue reading Reading Resources + Handwriting Help

Autism/Dyslexia/SPD · Homeschool · My Bookshelf

Language Arts and Math 2018-2019 (Grades: 1st and 3rd)

From 10am-12pm we do Individual Studies: Language Arts and Math.  (20ish minutes with each child per subject) 1st grade      My daughter just turned 7 this month. She will be trying out some new things this year. Last year she struggled through TGATB level K language arts. She probably needed to do primer instead… Continue reading Language Arts and Math 2018-2019 (Grades: 1st and 3rd)