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2019 – 2020 Curriculum Bookshelf and Schedule

I am so behind planning our school year.

I spent the spring helping another homeschooling mother form a new community and the summertime running sewing camps. So I’ve spent August scrambling to get my ducks in a row. Last year, I had everything ready by mid July. Oh well. That’s the good thing about homeschooling… flexibility. I’m still waiting on a few more resources to arrive. But I thought I would share a rough draft of options I’m considering for this school year. Most of our curriculum is through: Simply Charlotte Mason, A Gentle Feast, The Peaceful Press, A Cottage Press, and The Good and the Beautiful. I’ll do separate posts on each subject once everything arrives. Check back later for pictures…. and revisions. 😉

7:30 am: Breakfast, Chores, and Habit Training

*Guide: Simply Charlotte Mason (SCM) “Laying Down the Rails”

8:00 am: Morning Time Loop (read more here)

*Guide: Morning Time Packets 1-3 via A Gentle Feast

*Truth (15 min): Bible Study: A Family Guide to Narnia + Parables from Nature

*Beauty Loop (15 min):

*Goodness (20 min): The Chronicles of Narnia + Shakespeare for Children via the The Kind Kingdom

*Memory Loop (10 min): Math Facts, Bible Verse, Latin Vocab

9:00 am: Morning Walk and Snack break

*Guide: Nature Study: Exploring Nature with Children

10:00 am: Language Arts (Work 20 minutes with each child)

*5 year old : Delightful Reading (SCM) or The Good and the Beautiful level PreK/Primer + Phonics Museum

*8 year old: The Logic of English Foundations level C and D + Pathway Readers

*9 year old: A Gentle Feast Form II Language Arts + novels of interest

11:00 am: Math (Work 20 minutes with each child)

*5 year old: The Good and the Beautiful level K + Math Seeds for extra practice

*8 year old: The Good and the Beautiful level 1 and 2 + Abeka Math for extra practice

*9 year old: Teaching Textbooks level 4 + Abeka Math for extra practice

12:00 pm: Lunch and Learn Loop

*History, Science, Geography, Time Line Guide The Kind Kingdom

*History supplement : A Child’s History of the World + Story of the World

*Science supplement: Science in the Ancient World + Amazing Inventions of DaVinci

*Geography supplement: Home Geography for Primary Grades + Draw Europe

*Timeline supplement: A Book of Centuries

12:30 pm: Quiet Time (aka MOM TIME)

-Read independently, play quietly inside, or explore outside

1:00 pm: Handcrafts and Humanities

*At tutorial (Mon & Fri): Art + Latin

*Community Tutors (Tuesday): Handcrafts (knitting, embroidery, cross stitch) + Ukele + Spanish

*At home (Wed & Thur): Handcrafts (drawing, cooking and baking) + Piano + Latin

3:00 pm: Tea Time

*Guide: A Gentle Feast and The Cottage Press

*Loop: Brushwork Drawing + Nature Study + Poetry Readers (recitation) + Read Alouds (dictation and narration)

*Character Building: Q&A Book + Cat and Dog Theology + Knights in Training

4:00 pm: Blessing Hour (tidy up)

4:30 pm: Play outside with friends

5:30 pm: Eat dinner


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