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Morning and Tea Time with A Gentle Feast (2019-2020)

I’ve been following A Gentle Feast for quite some time and decided to try them this year. I purchased a few of their morning time packets to see which I could use with The Kind Kingdom European study.

We will blend Cycle 1 morning time packet from A Gentle Feast with The Kind Kingdom study of European history. We will need to swap a few things around and out but mostly stick to the guide. The Kind Kingdom covers a long time period so this works best for us. These packets are so beautiful and put together, it is already making my job easier in the mornings. Switching around a poem or artist wont really cause too much of trouble. 🙂 Here are my notes so far on who/what/when we will use each packet. I’m sure I’ll make changes as we go, but this is the overall plan! Note: I have a 5, 8, and 9 year old. We are mostly using Form I and testing the waters of Form II for the oldest.

Term 1 (first 12 weeks) Form 1 (grades 1-3) Autumn

*Blending with: (The King Kingdom weeks 1-10)

Bible Memory (1 verse): Ephesians 6:10-20 (Armor of God)

Hymn Study (1 song): All Creatures of our God and King

Poetry Recitation (3 poems): An Autumn Greeting, A Evening Hymn

Picture Study (1 artist, 6 artworks): DaVinci

Composer Study (1 musician, 6 songs) : Purcell

Poet Study (1 poet): Donne

Fables/Tales (1 book): Aesops Fables

Tea Time Read Aloud: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

Term 2 (second 12 weeks) Form 1 (grades 1-3) Winter

*Blending with: (The King Kingdom weeks 11-20)

Bible Memory (1 verse): Romans 8:31-39

Hymn Study (1 song): The Lord is my Shepherd

Poetry Recitation (2 poems): The Lamb, The Cow

Picture Study (1 artist, 6 artworks): VanGogh (Simply Charlotte Mason)

Composer Study (1 musician, 6 songs): Hildegard

Poet Study (1 poet): Milton

Fables/Tales (1 book): Dangerous Journey

Tea Time Read Aloud: Heidi

Term 3 (third 12 weeks) Form 1 (grades 1-3) Spring

*Blending with: (The King Kingdom weeks 21-30)

Bible Memory (1 verse): Psalm 34:1-18

Hymn Study (1 song): Praise to the Lord, the Almighty

Poetry Recitation (2 poems): Once I saw a little bird, The Picnic

Picture Study (1 artist, 6 artworks): Constable (Simply Charlotte Mason)

Composer Study (1 musician, 6 songs): Monteverdi

Poet Study (1 poet): Shakespeare

Fables/Tales (2 books): Shakespeare for Children (Kind Kingdom)

Tea Time Read Aloud: Alice in Wonderland

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