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My Spring & Summer Capsule Closet

This weekend we sorted through everyone’s clothes. Summer is here so I guess it was time to finally pack winter away.  I’m always behind in life. I’m also always cold… so I still keep a few sweaters out.

Our master closet is very long and narrow. My husband uses the front half of the closet because he actually wears real clothes everyday.  But this means I have to crawl under to get to my stuff in the back which also means I don’t even bother and stay in my pajamas instead. #homeschoolperks  This armoire, that used to be my sewing cabinet, has been my solution to small rental living. I create a “capsule closet” in this wardrobe and then store away last season’s clothes in our shared closet. Everything I need to get ready in the morning is in here (besides undergarments and jewelry and long dresses). My makeup and curling iron are even stored in the drawer down below so I can sit and use the mirror. Now, I’m much more likely to get ready in the morning!

I realize the idea of a capsule wardrobe is old news. But everywhere I read about it, most people seem to be going out and buying a brand new small wardrobe every season. I definitely don’t have the time or budget for that. So I’ve learned over the years to stick with certain colors and prints to minimize my clothes spending. I love shades of primary colors and neutrals since I have dark hair and a pale complexion. This means, in the colder months: red or rust, mustard, and navy. And in the warmer months: pink, yellow, and blue or mint. With lots of neutral staples mixed in. I try to always shop from this color story and don’t own many secondary colors: orange, purple, or green. I guess it’s kind of boring but it makes shopping decisions much easier. Also adding prints like stripes and florals or different textures like lace, creates some variety and interest.

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I don’t think I have ever blogged about clothes before. My undergraduate degree is in fashion so it was bound to pop up at some point.

I call this homeschool mom look…. library chic.

Cardigans are my favorite. ❤️

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I included a few outfits from my previous fall closet. Rust and Navy is a favorite.

(Cleaning bathroom mirrors is apparently not. Sorry about that.)

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