Preschool at home

Working at the car wash…

It has been hot here in Florida. As expected. Some days too hot to go outside. So I browsed Pinterest for some indoor activity ideas. I came across this one about washing toy cars. My son loves cars. My daughter loves water. Perfect!


I gave them a few bowls, measuring cups, a brush, sponges, and dry towels. I rounded up some plastic cars and filled one bowl with soapy water. They used the cups to transfer and pour water to the bigger bowls.


My daughter loved squishing the sponge.

My son enjoyed brushing each car.

And drying each car.

This activity held thier attention for about half an hour. Then they discovered it was much more fun to splash in the water. So into the tub they went.

Little do they know they just received their first lesson in dish washing. Muahahaha!

Happy Friday and Hello Summer!

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