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Hello! Is any one out there? I’m back from a loooong 8 month break. Hopefully to stay. Most posts will probably be short and sweet. But my goal is to blog at least once a month then weekly. Baby steps. My youngest is sleeping through the night again. In her own bed. Which means I am becoming functional again. It was a crazy fast 8 months! Quick recap: We went on a 3 week vacation in the Fall, watched my brother-in-law get married, turned 3o (yikes!), celebrated my son’s third birthday, then the holidays, then after the new year I worked on a few sewing projects, then we moved homes in the spring, and am currently planning my daughter’s second birthday party. Whew! Still catching my breath. I thought life would slow down being a stay at home mom, but it is a million times crazier! And I love it!


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