It Takes A Year…

A year ago, I left my job not knowing if I would ever be returning. I headed home for a long weekend to celebrate our country’s Independence Day. My family came into town to celebrate the holiday. We had a great weekend together and Monday they started on their trip back home. Then the fireworks started. I told hubby to call my parents and tell them to head back. It was time. By 5 am the next morning, I met my baby girl. Since my precious girl was born, I have wanted to start a blog. But caring for two under age two takes every ounce of energy so I chose sleep over blogging. Here is my two.


On our weekly Publix shopping adventure. They will shop all day… as long as they have a wheel to spin, free cookies, and each other. Sometime after my daughter was born, I decided to quit my career and be a full time mommy. I have loved every minute of it. But, it has also been the hardest year of my life. Fast forward one year, and here I am. Finally sitting down to write my blog. So here it goes!

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