Our Year-Round Homeschool Schedule

This year is flying by. I’m starting to prep for the next school year and looking back at what worked, and what did not. This past year, we did school year-round and it worked out great! Much less time was spent reviewing from the previous year.  We try to follow a “sabbath schedule” of 6 weeks on, 1 week off  with a 6 week break during Christmas and again during the Summer.  (I say “break” but I don’t know that we ever really take a break from learning.) Sometimes we fudge the schedule a bit for a longer summer or longer holiday when needed but we mostly stick to this routine. 6 x 6 week sessions equals 36 weeks which gives us the required 180 days of attendance. This schedule also works out that we are off during all three of my kiddos birthdays during our long breaks.

Here’s how 2018-2019 played out:

First Semester:

First 6 weeks: July 9 – August 19

Second 6 weeks: August 27 – October 7

Third 6 weeks: October 15 – November 21

6 weeks off for the holidays

Second Semester:

First 6 weeks: January 7 – February 17

Second 6 weeks: February 25 – April 7

Third 6 weeks: April 15 – May 26

6 weeks off for summer


Here is my drafted schedule for 2019/2020:

First Semester:

First 6 weeks: July 22 – August 30

*Labor Day break

Second 6 weeks: September 9 – October 18

*Fall break

Third 6 weeks: October 28 – December 13

*3 weeks for Christmas and 1 week for Thanksgiving

Second Semester: 

First 6 weeks: January 6 – February 14

*President’s Day break

Second 7 weeks: February 24 – April 10

*Easter break

Third 5 weeks: April 20 – May 22

*summer break for 6 weeks

4 thoughts on “Our Year-Round Homeschool Schedule

  1. I like this! It is not too rigorous…but is consistent too! great schedule! I’m glad it worked out for both of you!

  2. As a public school teacher, I can’t even imagine having to come up with your own school schedule!! I’m sure this will be a blessing to many home school moms! God bless you –

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