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History and Geography 2018-2019

     At 2:00 pm we do our History and Geography lessons.

     We will combine different resources to study Early American History. I LOVE the big book of history stories, keys of history game, and audio from The Good and the Beautiful. We will use their year 1 and year 2 (not pictured) course books as a reference to study certain events more in depth. History is my favorite subject of the day! I studied the history of clothing and textiles in graduate school. So history is very visual to me. I never really grasped the timeline of the world quite like I did when I learned it again through clothing. I found it much more enjoyable and memorable to study a person’s story (and what they wore) versus a bunch of dates in a textbook. Now I can usually place the time period and general location of a picture before reading or hearing the story behind the image. This is one reason I added Gainsborough to our picture study lineup… so the kids could see great detail of the clothing worn during the same time period when America was being established.  


I also LOVE the relaxed style of Beautiful Feet Books and the idea of learning history through literature. I didn’t really like history as a child until I picked up books like Anne Frank!

We will also do a little geography and map work to help the kids visualize history moving around the world and where their own story takes place.

     We will all gather as a family for our history lessons. My energy starts to tank mid afternoon. So I wanted something low key for history hour. I say hour but really we do as much or as little that keeps their interest. Besides morning time, everything we do usually lasts about 20 minutes. We will study history outside in the beautiful weather, cuddled on the couch by the fire when the temps drop, under blanket forts on rainy days, around the coffee table for board games, and with popcorn during audio lessons. 


Beautiful Feet Books Early American History Collection




The 50 States


Maps Activity Book


Around the World Mazes


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