Paid to shop?! YES PLEASE!

I don’t know how I’ve never heard of Ebates before but it is neat! And I apologize if I’m late to the game. Since becoming a stay at home mommy, I’m sooooo out of the loop. So I apologize. But it is still exciting. I feel like I found the mommy money tree.

When my daughter was born and I had two under age two, I didn’t get out much. So I turned to online shopping to get the things we needed. I’m still learning where to find the best deals on non-perishables but I’m getting better. I LOVE to shop. Incase you can’t tell. Where I used to look for clothes and beauty products for myself, I now hunt for cloth diapers and deals on kids clothing and household products. I love finding a great deal and hate paying full price for things. I mean, who does? But anyways, back to Ebates!

Ebates is a site online that is linked to several other retailers we all have probably ordered from. When you shop at those retailers, ebates gives you cash back for your purchase. For instance, I just ordered some Bac Out and Mrs. Myers cleaning and laundry items from drugstore.com. Ebates is giving me 12% cash back on my purchase! Sort of like credit card rewards but without the credit card! Now my Mrs. Myers lavendar soap will smell even more heavenly.

Ebates is linked to quite a few department stores like JCPenny, Macys, Sears, and Nordstroms. We have been known to do a run to the mall, do a quick scan before the kids explode, then come back and order it online. That way I can see it in person but not feel rushed to purchase. So I’m happy to see some of the stores we frequent are on Ebates!

Ebates is also linked to Walmart. I try to avoid Walmart at all costs but sometimes I cant resist the low prices expecially on bigger purchases. Not having to actually walk through that overwhelming store and still end up with a bargain AND get cash back through Ebates makes the purchase much more bareable!

There are quite a few other stores, but I wont bore you with listing them all here. Most of them I’ve heard of but some are new to me. One retailer listed is some store called Amazon. Not sure what that’s all about. Ha!

I think my favorite part of Ebates, other than the cash back, is that they list current coupons under each retailer. No more hunting down the latest deal. And the cash back can either be mailed in check form to your home or sent to your paypal account, which is my preferred method!

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