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Unit Study: Seeds, Trees, and Leaves

We finished up our science unit on bugs last month. I decided to pause our usual science lessons and do a quick unit study on trees and leaves.

The leaves have been beautiful this year! The kids love going on leaf hunts and running back home to identify them in their books.

They really enjoyed our impromptu maple leaf hunt in the rain!

The Peaceful Preschool recently released this sweet Tree Guide for ages 3-5 and it has been a nice addition to our study.

The first thing the kids wanted to do was create wax leaves!

Picture from The Peaceful Preschool

We have been collecting some beautiful leaves to dip in beeswax. We used an older, small crock pot to melt our wax in since it can be hard to clean. It is now our designated wax pot. We used clothes pins to dip each leaf. The kids really enjoyed this. We strung ours with twine to create a banner for our windows!

Here are a few pictures of our leaf dipping from my Instagram stories!

Each day we read a book from our “trees and leaves” book stack (listed below).

This study introduced us to a fabulous book called Seeds and Trees. If you don’t have this one, run to your library or Amazon! It’s my daughter’s new favorite!

“Be careful what you water, for it will surely grow. “

Seeds and Trees


A Seed is Sleepy


I Am the Seed That Grew the Tree


A Tree is Nice


A Log’s Life


The Busy Tree


The Giving Tree


A Walk Through the Woods


A is for Acorn


Because of an Acorn


Trees, Leaves, and Bark


We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt


The Leaf Man


Fletcher and the Falling Leaves


The Life and Times of the Apple


Johnny Appleseed


How do Apples Grow


The Apple Pie Tree


Autumn is for Apple Pie


How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World


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