Party Planning

A Vintage Peter Rabbit Party

My 2nd and 3rd babies celebrate their birthdays only a few weeks apart in the summer. I knew I wanted a Peter Rabbit party for my baby Benjamin. My daughter was turning four and obsessed with the Peter Rabbit cartoon and story book. So we decided to combine their birthdays! And it worked out great! Again I went to Etsy to find inspiration. I found a vintage birthday banner from the original drawings and a sweet baby bib. I found all the decor and paper goods from Meri Meri party supplies. I knew the rest would come together with the food. I ordered two small cakes from Publix and asked them to make them to look like flowers.  My friend made her fabulous cookies again. Then I had fun deciding on “garden theme” food. Family helped me prep the food. The kiddies munched on veggies and sweets and played pin the tail on the bunny. It is still my favorite party yet! I only wish I had a better camera back then. Click each pic to zoom in.

The spread:

The sweets:


The snacks:




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